Online Poll Picks Kelly To Finish Ahead of A.I. In Race For 2004 World Title

A couple weeks ago we asked you who would win the 2004 world title. We gave you eight options (the eight highest ranked surfers after J-Bay) and asked you to vote for just one. Admittedly, it’s a pretty flawed way to poll people about who they think will be the next World Champ. We left off names like Taj Burrow, Luke Egan, Parko, Sunny Garcia, and Taylor Knox, not to mention a half-dozen others who could challenge for the title. So yeah, it wasn’t a perfectly executed piece of science, but what was interesting is how many of you chose Kelly over Andy.

As you can see, Kelly received 46.2% while Andy got only 28.3%–that’s a landslide in any election. And you chose to go this way, despite the fact that Andy is almost 1,500 points ahead of Kelly (Andy has 5,016 WCT points, Kelly has 3,552). The older Irons brother has pulled out to such huge lead, it would require a major injury or a tremendous losing streak to see Andy not win his third world title.

The WCT Japan event starts tomorrow. From there they hit the homestretch: Trestles, France, Brazil, and Hawaii. If Andy continues to get first or second every event, you can bet your parents’ retirement fund that he’ll capture number three, but we all know Kelly is a hard one to count out.

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