Orange County Design Collective Chips In

This year’s second annual Orange County Design Collective (OC/DC) at The Camp retail center in Costa Mesa on December 5 went off like Newport Point of a Southern Hemi. A motley crowd of designers, artists, and industry bigwigs gathered to raise money for the America Works For Kids charity. Action-sports apparel brands solicited their top designers to put together one-of-a-kind outfits that were auctioned off, along with a variety of paintings and sculpture.

On top of putting money toward a good cause, the event also highlighted Orange County’s growing influence in the apparel and fashion markets. “Orange County has made such a huge dent on the fashion scene internationally, says Shaheen Sadeghi, creator of the event as well as the venue, The Camp (and The Lab).

“There’s a lot of recognition of the brands themselves, and I think this is an opportunity to talk about the designers, says Sadeghi. “Recognizing the designers as artists is making a comeback. They’re behind these products and are as talented as anyone on the international scene, so we see this as a great opportunity to get all these designers to come together and collaborate. They’re really the engine behind the product.

Sadeghi says the goal of the event was to raise upward of 8,000 dollars, and they hit their mark. The top bid for an outfit went to a creation by OC fashion mogul Paul Frank. The next highest bids went to outfits by Mada, Volcom, Billabong, and Rvca. In addition to a diverse range of art and apparel, the event had an incredibly eclectic variety of music performances. Paul Gilman, Pete Deeble, Juan Mendez, Gwen Dolyn, Michael Miller Crusade, and the Helmet Stein Experience contributed to tunes that ranged from gospel a cappella and hip-hop to DJs and rock, and a few things somewhere in between.

With more than 1,000 people at this year’s event, and the success of the auctions, Sadeghi is planning an OC/DC event for 2004 and beyond.