Ouch! The Cali Rally Tried To Kill Me…

I knew the morning after the Cali Rally awards party was gonna suck, but man, it really sucks! Anyway, Billabong took the title and the trophy, and are now the 2008 Cali Rally champs! The process of adding all the points up and judging the whole deal was gnarly, but in the end, the 'bong team prevailed. In our next issue, we'll show you all the gold, and you'll see why people are calling the Cali Rally the best thing ever done, ever.

Congrats to Billabong, it was a tight finish but your team killed it.

The four team members, Alejandro Moreda, Ryan Briggs, Tommy O'Brien, and Johnny Craft, along with Team Manager and Chris Heffner did nearly every task in the book, won the Haro BMX Challenge, and took the PacSun Sell Off on their way to victory.—Chris Cote

All the teams kicked ass so give yourselves a round of applause.

Individual awards were awarded to the following:
Most Naked: James Woody Woods—… Lost
Dirtiest Team member: Mike Morrissey—Volcom
Weirdest Dudes Award: Barney and Aaron Geiger—Volcom
Most Abused Grommet: Michael Dunphy—Hurley
Best Shit Talker: Michael Dunphy—Hurley
Underdog Award: Team … Lost
Best Photo/Video Guys: Team Volcom
Cougar Killer Award: Johnny Craft—Billabong
Cali Rally MVP: Kahea Hart—Hurley