Oz In Japan

While everyone in the surfing universe chews their nails to the collective bits in anticipation of the World Title Showdown on Oahu’s North Shore, just across the Pacific in the land of the rising sun fans of surfing were given a different reason to giggle andscream excitement.


What could be the greatest showdown in surfing history between Kelly and Andy in the life threatening bowels of the Banzai Pipeline was all but forgotten as Tokyo’s Harajuku district swarmed with hundreds of fans eager to catch a glimpse of touring artist andworld surf icon Oscar Wright.

The second stop on his Princess Prochazka World Tour (the first show was a standing-room-only affair at the Volcom store on La Brea in Los Angeles) turned out to be the biggest of Wright’s career. The response caught him completely off guard.


“It’s unbelievable, said Oz in between autograph signings. “I never imagined so many people would come just to see some paintings.

The artwork itself included many of the pieces shown in L.A. as well as a new wall installation the Japanese could stick their heads through to experience what it might be like to be Oz’s favorite muse Bunny Girl. The night rounded off with a performance by Ozzie’s avant-garde band The Goons of Doom, who left everyone feeling pretty happy by throwing free CDs and posters into the crowd.

Incredibly there was not a single frame or piece of footage of Oz surfing during the entire evening. Kid’s got some clout in Japan.


-Adam Blakey