Paddling Tips From Ian Walsh And Maya Gabeira

Perfect your Paddle with Tips From Ian Walsh and Maya Gabeira
Our friends next door at Ezia Human Performance have been working with big wave gurus Ian Walsh and Maya Gabeira a lot lately and have procured some great tips from the two. Below are a few tips from them on how to increase your paddling power…

Paddling tips from Ian Walsh
1."Keep your arms close to the water as if just skimming the surface so you're not wasting time swinging them high."
2."Make sure you pull hardest at the bottom to lead to the next stroke."
3."Reading the wave and using momentum is better than anything you can possible do, too."

Paddling tips from Maya Gabeira
1. "Try and pull as much water as possible."
2. "Stick the whole arm in the water."
3. "Start paddling early so you get momentum."

*As well, it's good to arch your lower back and not dig your chin into the deck of your board. Also, extend your arms as far as you can when reaching out, Shane Dorian taught us that one.—TWS

There you have it! Take these tips from the world's best surfers and paddle out! For more Surf Training Exercises, check out our video with Ian Walsh.—Ezia Physical Therapist Joe Walker