Pancho Sullivan Wins The Xcel Pro At Sunset Beach

The 20th Annual Xcel Pro has been completed in six to eight foot surf at Sunset Beach in perfect off shore conditions. Winning the event for the third time in six years was the north shore’s veteran Pancho Sullivan.


Sullivan took advantage of the west peaks as he drove hard off the top and bottom of every set wave he caught to take a commanding lead through the thirty-five minute final. Last year’s winner Fred Pattachia made a gallant effort in the last eight minutes of the heat as he waited deeper in the Sunset Point take off zone and scored a 9.5 score on a huge tube ride with fourty seconds left, to go from fourth to second place. Rounding the final was Nick Muscroft from Australia and eighteen year old Nathan Carroll from Sunset Beach ending fourth.

1st, Pancho Sullivan, $5000
2nd, Fred Pattachia, $2500
3rd, Nick Muscroft, $2000
4th, Nathan Carroll, $1500
=5th Gavin Beschen,Myles Padaca, $1200
=7th Matt Thompson,Shinpei Horiguchi, $1000
=9th Marcus Hickman,Love Hodel,Mark Healy, Kaipo Jaquias, $800
=13th Anthony Walsh,Jonah Morgan,Jason Shibata,Ross Williams, $600