Patagonia presents the Pipeline Bodysurfing Classic

Patagonia presents the Pipeline Bodysurfing Classic with supporting Sponsors Western Wireless International, Hawaii Modular Space, Surfing Magazine,Viper Fins, DaFin, Redbull, Coors, Pixinet, and Servpac.

Holding Period Begins January, 29th 2005

(Honolulu, HI) January 13, 2005 — The holding period for the 34th annual Pipeline Bodysurfing Classic presented by Patagonia, on the North Shore of Oahu, will begin January 29th, 2005 and will run through February 4, 2005. This one day event will be held when the conditions at Pipeline are the best available during the holding period (based on swell and wind direction as well as size.

Think you’ve got what it takes to defeat defending champion Mike Stewart? OK, probably not, but what about TransWorld SURF fisheye maestro Wyatt Tillotson? Good luck. What these guys can do without a board at one of the world’s most challenging waves is simply amazing—barrel rolls, cutbacks, tube rides, spinners, and underwater takeoffs are just a few of the maneuvers these guys will bust out.

Additional Information on the event and entry forms may be obtained on the web at

Entry sheets are also available at Patagonia stores and North Shore Lifeguard stands and surf shops in Hawaii.