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Pat’s Pick’s! On Pat’s picks for the WCT Quiksilver Pro, Chiba, Japan August 31-September 7

For the past twelve years Pat O’Connell was a fixture on the ASP World Championship Tour. During his time on tour O’Connell became one of America’s most successful professional surfers. He is known not only for his great surfing ability but also for his analytical mind and articulate speech. It’s no wonder that O’Connell is consistently called upon to speak as the voice of American Professional surfing. A thinking man’s pro if you will.

Since shifting gears from WCT life in December 2004, O’Connell has been busier than ever working for his sponsors: surfing, shooting video, photos and TV shows. O’Connell is also donating some of his time back to the sport he loves by acting as a spokesman for the Surfrider Foundation. Here at we are proud to announce that O’Connell will be providing his free fantasy surfer picks for each event for all of you junkies who like to armchair surf the World Championship Tour. Join the DVS public clubhouse at and challenge Pat’s team (Pat O’s screw). If you beat his team, are signed up at and we can track you down by your real name then you will win a pair of DVS Peso Sandals.

The contest this year is in a town called Chiba, which is about an hour outside of Tokyo. Japan is one of the coolest places ever… It’s very different. You go from all these lights, traffic and this really futuristic city to an old town that feels like you’ve stepped back in time. Japan has always been one of my favorite places to go although I’ve never really done very well in the event. The waves can be really hard to surf, a bit like Huntington Beach. Every once in a while you will get a good day of swell which will make up short peaks with some barrel sections but mostly its standard beach break stuff and that’s why I picked some of the following for my fantasy surf team. Most everyone is under the 150lbs. mark in weight and surfs light on their feet. Japan is a great place for some of the air guys to do well. After all the perfect waves these past few events, it will be the guys who like to fly that will do well in Japan and get them back in the ratings hunt. I changed my team quite a bit; most notably I took Kelly off. It was a big decision but I know that he’s been on the road getting good waves and he’s planning on going to Fiji right before Japan. I can’t imagine how amped he’ll be if the waves are bad.

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