Perfection Caps – 4.6

Perfection Caps

first spread

Far from the bustle of over-crowded Indonesian cities, Mikala Jones finds peace in a beautiful blue cylinder.

Downtown Jakarta at night.

Wish you were here.


second spread

Words don’t do this image justice.

Tory and his magical backpack.

Adam and the crew get a taste of rush hour.

Cheyene Magnusson and his Hooters tee clock some hours in the tube simulator.

third spread

Cheyene takes a break from standing in dry barrels to pop a quick five-foot frontside air.

Dry dock takes on a whole new meaning.

The Indonesian branch of the Tory Barron Fan Club poses for a group photo.

fourth spread

Daniel Jones experiences an esoteric moment in the midday Indonesian sun.

A truly Lord Of The Flies-esque moment.

fifth spread

When he’s not teaching local kids to breakdance, Tory’s floating picture-perfect backside double-grab airs.

Ever been chased through a highway tunnel by a Mack truck? Adam Repogle has.

sixth spread

The photo that inspired the title of the article. Mikala Jones spends about eleven frames in the pit of a freight-training right-hander before succumbing to its sheer speed.

seventh spread

Adam poses in one of a hundred right-hand barrels.

In between calls to prayer, just like in any country on Earth, Indonesians work hard to makes ends meet.

Terrorists? Hardly.

eighth spread

Is there a doctor in the house? Daniel Jones wishes there were.

Indonesian Made Adi Putra grabs his rail and shows off his mastery of his homeland’s surf.

Daniel Jones picks a landing spot.

ninth spread

Tory samples Indonesia’s most precision export-a cascading right-hand barrel.

Mikala on solid ground.

The aquatic skatepark.

In Indo a million waves just like this go unridden every day.

Doesn’t this photo just make you want to rush back to your townhome in suburbia?

Breaking 101.