Perillo Takes the Back Door Route to Bali

Malibu’s Dillon Perillo is officially invited to the Oakley Pro Junior Global Challenge in Bali…but he sure had to work for it. While he’s currently leading the North American Pro Junior rankings, Perillo missed the cut for Bali at the Lower Trestles qualifier back in April.

In the closing moments of that Oakley Pro Junior Final Hawaii’s Kai Barger had a commanding lead, but Perillo was in 2nd place still giving chase until Australia’s Davey Cathels blew past him with seconds left to go. It seemed farily insignificant to most people watching, but by dropping to 3rd, Perillo was out of the Bali picture by a single slot.

With a $20,000 first place prize on the line at Oalkey’s “Global Challenge” in Bali this October, not to mention the promise of some pretty damn good surf, sitting out the event wasn’t sitting well with Perillo. While he could have risked hoping for a Wild Card into the event, there could be no gurantees. So he decided to become a little more proactive in his quest.

Malibu’s Dillon Perillo has been on a tear in the Pro Junior ranks this year. He’s currently leading the North American circuit, which means he’ll qualify for the World Junior Championships in January, but he’s had to work overtime to make the cut for the prestigious Oakley Pro Junior Global Challenge, slated for Bali in October.

After losing to an Australian on his home turf, Perillo donned his kimono and packed his bags for the qualifier in Chiba, Japan. With the top two finishers at each of the five qualifiers automatically invited, he figured he could get to Bali through the back door. All he was really risking was a few fishy breakfast runs, so was a gamble worth taking….

Perillo made it to the final where he faced Australiains Mitch Crews and Chris Friends, as well as local ripper Arashi Kato. The Australians were obviously playing the same game as Perillo, but this time, he beat them at their game. Perillo defeated Kato for the victory, and both will be headed for Bali now.

As of today, Perillo in the only Californian locked in for Bali. Barger, meanwhile, will try to keep the Global Challenge award in Hawaiian hands since Dusty Payne took the win last year. Meanwhile other notables include WQS dominators Owen Wright of Austraila and Jadson Andre of Brazil. Wild Cards could be chosen as early as this week.