Pete Taras Named Photo Editor Of TransWorld SURF

[IMAGE 1]TransWorld SURF magazine is pleased to announce the addition of Pete Taras as the new photo editor.Taras is 24 years old and lives in San Clemente, California and has been shooting world-class surf photos for seven years.

TransWorld SURF magazine is the only magazine of its kind, focusing solely on the young progressive surf movement, and Taras is the perfect fit,” says Joel Patterson, editor in chief.

Taras is one of the best water photographers in California, and his familiarity with shooting at Salt Creek, San Clemente, Oceanside, and La Jolla makes him a valuable asset to TransWorld SURF magazine.

According to Patterson, “Pete is great for us. He’s young, he probably knows more young surfers in California and Hawai’i than any other photographer alive, he’s open to change and experimentation with photography and art direction, and he’s simply a nice guy.

“Everyone on staff is a big fan of Pete’s photos,” continues Patterson, “so it’s exciting to work with him on a daily basis. We look forward to incorporating his ideas into the magazine. Change is in the air in our offices, and it’s got everyone excited about the future.”

Taras was also the assistant to Larry “Flame” Moore, Surfing magazine’s photo editor. A year ago he became the youngest senior photographer Surfing magazine has ever employed.

“My goal is to build the most tight-knit photo team ever,” says Taras. “I’m really excited to be onboard at such a forward-thinking magazine.”

While at Surfing, Taras also assisted in the managment of the magazine’s photo agency, giving him a great deal of experience in working with advertisers, contributing photographers, as well as much of California’s surf talent.

This experience will come in handy when TransWorld SURF launches its own photo agency in an effort to help both its advertisers and photographers by acting as a conduit for world class photos.

TransWorld SURF and TransWorld SURF Business are both owned by TransWorld Media, the largest action-sports magazine group in the known galaxy.