Pineapple Express 12/18

As the world title race winds down to a dramatic finish at Pipeline, things are heating up. Recently at the Red Bull house, current world champ Andy Irons was hanging out, checking the swell forecasts on his computer while Mick Fanning and the rest of the crew watched Chris Cote’s “Riding In Vans With Boys (“He’s a sick c—t—Fanning) when who walks in, but Kelly Slater. Dressed in golf attire he claimed to be looking for Damien Hobgood, who stays next door at the Oakley crib. According to photog Steve Sherman, after a forty second span of small talk, the six-time champ exited leaving a slightly baffled and curious crowd behind. The question is: was Kelly really just looking for a golf buddy or was he playing some type of mind game trying to psyche out the opponent? Andy’s comment on the stop by, “That was kinda random. People who know him are saying that that’s just Kelly being Kelly. The race is very close and basically whoever finishes ahead of the other at Pipe takes home the crown. Stay tuned as the plot thickens…


The word on Ke Nui is that due to a northerly swell angle and sand buildup at Pipe, the Pipeline Masters may move to Gum’s, the peak directly north of Pipe. While this would be a slight bummer to Pipe fans, it’s a lot better than Huntington. Gum’s is known for shallow sandbar barrels and super rippable sections. AI on the possible move “That’s awesome. Perfect, the Gums Masters. Andy doesn’t seem to care where it goes down and is quite relaxed, kicking back beachfront at Off The Wall with his lovely girlfriend. Good luck to both Kelly and Andy and thanks for making it interesting.


DVS presented “Get Lei’d in the Dirt Saturday, December 13th at Breakers in Haleiwa. Motocross riders led by “Freestyle Rider of the Year, Mike Metzger with supporting cast of Drake McElroy, Ronnie Faisst, Colin Morrison and Jeremy “Twitch Stenberg put on a FMX demo for all in attendance on the North Shore. The entire crowd moved from watching the Xbox Pipe Masters to Haleiwa to witness the best FMX Hawaii has ever seen. The Metal Mulisha’s, Faisst, and Stenberg dazzled the crowd with their hair raising back flips. North Shore Cartel, Red Bull, Da Hui, and Alpine Stars supported DVS in their efforts and hosted a cocktail tent for all the VIP’s in attendance.