Pineapple Express For 1/12

The invasion of the bodyboarders is in full swing. The final event of the boogie tour was completed Sunday at Pipeline and was won by Australian Damien King. The most exciting part of the event was when a deranged surfer paddled out to the lineup during the contest and refused to go in. Water patrolman Kai Garcia and contestant Kainoa McGee were attempting to get the guy out of the water when the idiot took a swing at Kainoa. Not a good idea. Kainoa took the surfers board, and he had to swim in to the beach where he was met by “beach security. Once there, the guy didn’t want to have anything to do with a “talk in the adjacent alley. Without mentioning any names, a well-known local surfer knocked his teeth out and smashed him into submission, while another destroyed his board. Soon after, the cops showed up and everything calmed down while the contest commenced. Not a pretty sight, especially considering the beach was full of people expecting to see a boogie comp—not an ass whipping. Dude, next time (when your melon heals up) surf somewhere else.


In other news, Saturday the 10th saw the biggest waves of the year on the North Shore. Waimea was a solid twenty feet, Shane Dorian and Mark Healey—who burst his eardrum for the third time, were going nuts at Jaws, and spots on the west side of Oahu were smoking. Makua Rothman and Garret McNamara scoped out a couple spots near Kaena Point by helicopter, but the conditions weren’t right—maybe next time. “The Eddie wasn’t run because the swell didn’t last long enough, maybe later in the week it will run as the surf is supposed to be even bigger Thursday—”all time big people are saying. Numerous rescues were performed at Waimea by the lifeguards—apparently plenty of inexperienced surfers were on it, giving the guards plenty of work. Good job guys! Stay tuned; monster waves are on the way.