Pineapple Express For 12/7

The Sunset contest ended and that night the party began. The first thing Jake Paterson did was take his good buddy Luke Hitchings to the Globe house and force Hitcho to pay up on a bet they made before the contest ended. The result was a haircut that was a mullet in back and a bald horseshoe on top—not pretty. The Quiksilver house (photographer Pete Hodgson’s house) was filled wall to wall to porch with people celebrating Jake Paterson’s win. Lucky for them, the surf did what it’s done for pretty much the last month—nothing. It was big, weird and sandy.However, Pipe started to show the last couple days and Kelly Slater, Damien Hobgood, Tamayo Perry and others took over before it regressed to closed out, and too north again. Rockpiles was twelve feet and gnarlier than gnarly. Mark Healey and Dave Wassel were crazy enough to try it out, they escaped unscathed and all their boards were still in one piece, unlike the last time they tackled the shifting peaks and got cleaned up and busted their boards. The Northeast swells are on the outs and a Northwest swell has finally arrived so the sand should start to clean up a bit. Maybe we’ll have the Pipe Masters instead of the Gum’s (next to Pipe) Masters. According to contest director Bernie Baker, an early West swell in the contest window will mean the contest could run early this year. Otherwise, the weather’s finally better, the trades are normal, and the showdown at Pipe is here.


The party scene is pretty much every night. On Wednesday night, Bud Light sponsored some shuttles that took partygoers to Honolulu for some free beer and eventual arcade games (and more beer) at Dave and Buster’s. Fred Patacchia, Alek Parker, Sean Moody, Ben Bourgeois, Omar Etcheverry, Serena Brooke, Cheyne Magnusson, Samantha Cornish, Jason Shibata, and Timmy Reyes were just some of the names that blew town up. The attached photos are the results.


On Thursday nights, Breakers, a restaurant/bar in Haleiwa, is the place to be. Owned by Barbara and Bob, Jason and Benji Weatherley’s parents, the place fills up with tons of familiar faces partying the night away. Matty Liu has been hyping the place up and his team of djs rules. Last Tuesday was Mark Healey’s birthday and to celebrate, everybody went bowling in Pearl City. Besides his lovely girl Vanessa, good friends Aamion Goodwin, Keith Malloy, and Jaime Sterling knocked down pins and pints and finished the evening listening to the sweet karaoke sounds coming from the voice of photographer Daren Crawford. Tennis star Mark Phillipousis came over to visit good friends Rob Machado, Heath “Nutty Walker, and Ben Bourgeios as well as get some surfing in at Freddie’s. He said he’s had fun—but gotten smashed by a couple sets. No grass court here buddy. The funny thing about his visit was the fact he was a big part of the recent Davis Cup win over Sweden by Australia and happened to be in attendance when Jake Paterson got his win at Sunset. In his winning speech he said the Australian team’s victory was inspiration for him in his incredible victory.Danny Fuller is back from an extended mainland stay and ready for the Pipe trials.Now that Fuller is back the Piupeline Posse is complete and no wave, kook, or beer is safe.—Justin Cote and Aaron Checkwood