Pineapple Express For 2-2

Right as I went for my twentieth helping of bean dip, a power failure made it so North Shore residents weren’t able to see the last six minutes of the Super Bowl—which just happened to be the most exciting game in recent Bowl history. As an ex-girlfriend once said “Paradise has its price. (At least we got to see Janet Jackson’s shapely breast during the halftime show!)


We are currently in the waiting period for the Da Hui Backdoor Shootout. Eight teams of four surfers will battle it for some serious cash at Pipeline and Backdoor. The event hasn’t been run the last two years and the participants are fired up, ready to battle it out in the team format, which is unique to this event. Stay tuned for up to the minute updates.

Clifton Bothelo, public relations director for All Bus, celebrated his twenty-eighth birthday All Bus style with an open pit rotisserie cooked pig, oversized trucks in the driveway, and tons of partygoers. Happy Birthday Cliff, we at TransWorld love All Bus and all it stands for.

Did you know “Ahead isn’t only the name of a surf movie produced by Kamalei Alexander, but is also a budding company? It’s true and Alexander has big plans for the company. “We’re gonna be the next Volcom claims Kamalei. Look for tee-shirts, hats, and beanies soon at a shop near you.


Third Stone Surfboards has opened a working surf shop at the Waialua sugar mill. Whatever you need, they have it. New boards, used boards, ding repair and accessories are all available—check ’em out. And finally, the surf has dropped enough for the famed sandbars to come alive on the North Shore. Beautiful, crystal clear water and perfect two-to-three foot barrels make the sandbars something everyone looks forward to. Pools that form on the beach provide kids and babes an awesome place to play and relax. Fun, fun, fun.