Pineapple Express For 5-12

Sofia “Chinchilla Mulanovich ripped her way to first place and $10,000 yesterday at the Billabong Pro at Teahupo’o in small—yet rippable conditions. Ten G’s will go a long way in Sofia’s homeland of Peru. Mulanovich defeated Rochelle Ballard of Oahu for her second W.C.T. win in a row, following her Fiji victory. The South American beauty had this to say before being doused with champagne “I love you all!


Unfortunately, for the past week the waves have not been up to par. In fact, it’s been downright flat. But instead of crying into our Hinano’s, the surfers gathered here in the village of Teahupo’o have been making the best of it. Last weekend Strider at Quiksilver was kind enough to throw a jungle bash at what has been termed “Waterworld, an oceanfront compound that gets hit by waves when the swell gets over twelve feet. Legends of the sport mingled with outer island super groms and ukulele players jammed late into the rain soaked night.

The next evening, Jesse Faen, of A.S.P. and TransWorld Surf infamy, and I took a twenty-minute boat ride south, where there is no road or electricity, and crashed a Pension Bojouir party. Never heard of the Pension Bonjouir? Put it this way, one meaning of the word “Bojouiris “good orgasm, but it is also used to say “good morning and “hello as well. It’s a great word and an awesome place to stay. Check ’em out at

Round One of the men’s event is currently underway in two-to-three foot glassy and sunny conditions. The forecast is looking pretty good so let me make some picks: Watch out for Kalani Robb, Andy and Bruce, Luke Egan, Cory Lopez, Beau Emerton, Taj, Kelly, and my dark horse, Pat O’Connell.


Last night I had the pleasure of delivering the new issue of TransWorld Surf to “The Champ Andy Irons. Andy got the cover during a four-wave halftime session on Superbowl Sunday at Backdoor on a sticker-less, hot pink, fish-type board he borrowed from Megan Abubo. “It’s funny, I put a sticker on that board the next day! Get your hands on the new issue with an exclusive A.I. interview that really tells it like it is and a Morocco trip of a lifetime with Shane Dorian, Mike Losness, Dan Malloy, and I, where we ran into some crazy shit and crazier waves.