Pipe Trials Heats Announced

At Pipe tomorrow, 32 trialists will compete for 9 spots in the main event. Competitors are everything from Pipe locals (Jamie O’Brien, Myles Padaca, Braden Dias) to guys from around the world who are known for ripping the world’s most deadly spot (Rob Machado, Joel Tudor, Takayuki Wakita, Christian Fletcher). All 32 trialists rip Pipe, so anyone of them could change the course of the contest, and this year even the world title.

Contest directors think the event will start tomorrow (Thursday, Dec. 11) morning, and you can follow the event live on the internet at www.aspworldtour.com or www.triplecrownofsurfing.com where you will find streaming video, audio commentary, live scores and results on the days that the competition takes place.


(Top 9 surfers will receive a wildcard into the main event.)

Heat 1
Bruce Irons (Haw)
Takayuki Wakita (Jpn)
Evan Valeire (Haw)
Joel Centeio (Haw)

Heat 2
Pancho Sullivan (Haw)
Mark Healey (Haw)
Jesse Merle-Jones (Haw)
Joel Tudor (USA)

Heat 3
Danny Fuller (Haw)
Rob Machado (USA)
Myles Padaca (Haw)
Naohisa Ogawa (Jpn)

Heat 4
Jamie O’Brien (Haw)
Derek Ho (Haw)
Raimana Boucher (Tah)
Makua Rothman (Haw)

Heat 5
Braden Dias (Haw)
Jonah Morgan (Haw)
Strider Wasilewski (USA)
Love Hodel (Haw)

Heat 6
Tamayo Perry (Haw)
Brian Pacheco (Haw)
Hira Terinatoofa (Tah)
Christian Fletcher (USA)

Heat 7
Jamie Sterling (Haw)
Liam McNamara (Haw)
Fred Patacchia (Haw)
Rocky Cannon (Haw)

Heat 8
Kalani Chapman (Haw)
Marcus Hickman (Haw)
Eric Rebeire (Fra)
John Gomes (Haw)
—Joel Patterson