Powerful Earthquake Hits Off Coast Of Sumatra

An 8.2 earthquake in the same area as the Dec. 26 forces evacuation in Thailand, Sumatra, and Sri Lanka. Tsunami is “possible according to experts.

The quake occurred on the same fault line as the December 26 quake that over 175,000 people, yet hit in the middle of the night. Widespread panic ensued and people were heading for high ground, fearful of another tsunami.

In Banda Aceh, which was devastated by the previous quake, several injuries were reported, mostly due to citizens panicking and fleeing for higher ground.

Authorities have initially called the quake an aftershock, due to the fact it was on the same fault line as the previous one. More information can be found on the NPR Web site: www.npr.org and on CNN’s web site: www.cnn.com