Pro Setup With TWS Senior Photog Brian Bielmann

Pro Photog Setup With TWS Senior Photographer Brian Bielmann

In celebration of the “Big Photo BookTransWorld SURF Senior Photographer Brian Bielmann breaks out his arsenal of surf photo gear.

1. SPL Water Housing For Canon 60D And Flash
SPL water housing with dome port. I use this housing for shooting in the water when you want to do those half-below, half-above shots, and for underwater shots as well.
. Snorkel and mask. If you're serious about shooting underwater, you need them.
Viper fins, Mike Stewart model.
Loupe. Everybody makes jokes about my loupe, but I love it. It magnifies the screen so you can see what you've shot much better.
SPL Remote flash housing. Someone holds this in the water for the photographer, and when you shoot the photo the remote triggers this flash.
Canon 580 Flash.
Canon Mark III. I have two Mark IIIs, so I always have a backup. I like the speed of them. The new Mark IV that just came out is better, but it's also $5,000.
Canon 5D. I use this for everything where I don't need a motordrive, because it's such a great, sharp body. I think the resolution is 22 megapixels or something.
Canon Rebel. I had it converted into an infrared, with a Lensbaby lens.
Holga. It's a toy camera and uses film, but they have weird light leaks and stuff. It's unpredictable, and sometimes you can get some really cool images with it.
Tokina 10–17mm. For fisheye water shots.
Canon 28–300mm. I use this for shooting from boats, or at a contest, just general photography.
Canon 24–70mm. This is another all-around lens, which I use for portraits a lot.
Canon 70–200mm f/4. I use this mainly for telephoto shots in the water, at Pipe and places like that. They came out with this one at f/4 a few years ago, it's a lot lighter than the 2.8, and it's still a really sharp lens.
Canon 500mm. A lot of people that use a 600mm lens wish they had a 500mm, because the trend now is for more pulled-back shots. For most situations, a 600 is too tight. In fact, there are a lot of times I wished I had a 400.
85mm f/1.2 (on the 5D). This is almost exclusively for portraits. With the 1.2 aperture, you can get that crazy depth of field, where someone's eye is in focus and the background is out of focus. Most people use the 50mm lens, but I like the effect with the 85.

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