Pro surfer Dion Agius survives devastating cyclone on Mozambique, starts fundraiser

Midway through February, Cyclone Dineo slammed into the island nation of Mozambique off the East Coast of Africa. It caused millions of dollars in damage, destroyed hundreds and possibly thousands of buildings and killed 7 people.

Australian pro surfer Dion Agius was on the island for a surf trip when Dineo hit. Agius and his group braved the storm, surfing that morning before it hit with the cyclone moving closer and closer as the day wore on.

Agius came out the other side alright, as he was merely one of the lucky ones who was in an structure sturdier than the mostly wooden huts in the town of Tofo.

He recently started a GoFundMe campaign aimed at helping Mozambique rebuild. Here’s what Agius had to say about his experience:

“I got caught in the middle of one of the worst cyclones to hit Mozambique in recent history. We were in the small town of Tofo and copped the direct force of the cyclone. The roof of our house was torn off and we were forced to hide in the basement all night while our house and the surrounding villages were destroyed. The locals of Tofo are some of the most beautiful people i have been lucky enough to meet and they live mostly in tiny wooden huts that didn’t stand a chance against the 180km winds with most of their houses destroyed.”

Help out by donating to the GoFundMe campaign here.

Dion Agius in Mozambique before the storm. Photo: Vimeo