Product Review: The Ultimate Board Enhancer

I'll be the first to tell you that when I heard there was a product you rub onto the bottom of your board that made you go faster my bullshit sensors immediately shot through the roof. "Yeah right I'll go faster," I cynically told co-workers yesterday as I rubbed Surf Nano Products "Ultimate Board Enhancer" onto my fiancée's old Merrick Flyer—which has definitely seen better days (being skeptical and pessimistic by nature, I'll admit I used her old board so as not to experiment with one of mine).

Surf Nano Products Board Enhancer

With my girl's board all lubed up and ready to rip, we met up this morning in Oceanside with New Jersey shredder Rob Kelly and the guys from Surf Nano Products. "So Rob, honestly, what's your take on this stuff?" I asked as we got suited up. "You can really notice the difference when you put it onto an older board that has lost some it's life, you know?" he answered. Perfect, I thought as I eyed the decaying 6'2" Channel Islands Flyer. Now, while I may think I surf well, I'm not so full of myself to disregard the fact that I can use all the help I can get—especially in the waist high and mushy conditions we were looking at this morning. So with Rob's endorsement, I paddled out with an open mind—and an old, busted up board that had a fresh coat of "The Ultimate Board Enhancer" on it.

On my first wave, the board took off as off as if I was shot out of a cannon! Nah, not really, but I could actually feel a difference from the day before's session as the board felt a bit more alive and a touch more responsive. Like I said, I need every little advantage possible these days, so yeah, the stuff worked in that regard. Something else that's cool about the product is that it's UV resistant, meaning your board will stay white longer, which is something to think about if you're a surf shop owner and your surfboard inventory is sitting under florescent lights all day. The third reason I'm gonna back this stuff is because I have a severe case of "Surf Equipment Based Obsessive Compulsive Disorder"—I 'm very anal about my surfboards being in the best possible condition they can be in 'cuz good ones don't grow on trees, and, when I get a good one, I want it to last. I'm not going to say that you'd notice the product if you're surfing at say, Pipeline or Teahupo'o where you could go 120mph with an entire bar of wax on the bottom of your board, but in small, weak surf, it definitely helps.

So there you have it, three reasons why we're gonna back The Ultimate Board Enhancer: 1) It makes you go just a hair faster, and in the conditions normal people like you and me surf, anything helps. 2) It protects your board from the sun and it's damaging UV rays 3) By sealing the tiny holes on your board, no water can permeate the skin, thus adding life and longevity.

One package of Surf Nano Products "Ultimate Board Enhancer" costs $32 and is good for use on four shortboards, making it cost around $8 per board.

Check 'em out at or call (866) 842-8530