Products – June ’05

Super Shirt

Billabong Surf-T


Wheather it’s Indo, Florida, Hawai’i, or California-surfing in a T-shirt looks and feels good. So what’s better than surfing in a standard T-shirt? Introducing the Billabong Surf-T. Made from a new technology called Optimer: Dri-release (a blend of natural and synthetic fibers) that actually pulls water away from your body. The shirt also features Freshguard, an odor neutralizer that keeps the shirt free of that fishy stench that usually follows you back to the beach after a few sessions in the water or one big night out on the town. This shirt is basically the missing link between T-shirt and rashguard. Ask Andy Irons about it-he loves the Surf-T.

Hot Showers On The Fly

The Zodi Traveler Portable Hot Shower


Nothing beats a hot shower after a cold session. But what if you’re driving through Baja or camping in Northern California? Then what do you do? Well, you can have an elephant seal piss on you, or you can be smart and buy a Zodi Traveler Portable Hot Shower. This self-contained shower is heated with a two-dollar cylinder of propane, four D-cell batteries power the pump, and the plastic tub holds four gallons of water. Turn on the tap, and in seconds you’ll be in a steamy world of hot-water love-roughing it is for dummies.

Tow Yourself Silly

DaKine Shock Vest


If you have balls the size of Nebraska and you’re one of the few who brave Jaws, Teahupo’o, or Mavericks, this vest is for you. Actually, if you tow anywhere, this vest is for you. Featuring molded front- and back-impact protection, an independent primary and secondary Power Belt, adjustable compression straps for a secure fit, and a handle for your tow partner to pull you out of the water-the DaKine Shock Vest is a must for tow surfers or dudes sitting on the beach claiming to be tow surfers.