Project Benji Goes To Japan

The second installment of The Benji Project has begun filming in Japan. Hosted by comedic pro surfer, Benji Weatherley, the trip includes another all-star cast of top action sports pros brought together to surf, skate, snowboard and have as much fun as possible.

The Benji Project documents the lifestyle and adventures of actionsports pros through the eyes of Benji Weatherley. As producer and starof the project, Benji will share with viewers the world of actionsports by bringing his vast array of friends together to surf, skate,snowboard and play music. Giving viewers an inside look at the dreamlife that is every action sports professional’s reality: culture,friendships, fun and laughter; as well as hardships, mishaps andextreme moments.

“I’ve been fortunate in my life to have traveled the world and metsome amazing people along the way. My life is pretty extreme and Iwant to share that with viewers in a way that’s never been donebefore,” says Benji.

Last June the first installment of The Benji Project brought togetheran impressive group of pro athletes with musician Jack Johnson to surfthe Mentawais at Kandui Resort.

This time around pro surfers Benji Weatherley and Kalani Robb havejoined forces with pro snowboarders JP Walker and Todd Richards, andpro skateboarders Tosh Townend, Chad Bartie and Tony Hawk.

Benji and friends have landed in Japan and will be focusing onman-made waves, skate parks, and indoor snow domes. The Ocean Dome atMiyazaki, which has been closed for years, has generously opened theirdoors for Benji’s group to surf. The crew also has plans to meet upwith musician G. Love for some hang time at his concert in Osaka.

Scheduled for release in summer 2007; get to know Benji’s friends andexperience his life the way he does. The world of action sports hasnever been revealed quite like this.

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