Project Benji Press Release

From the creators of the Drive Thru Series comes the next level in action sports entertainment. Hosted by comedic pro surfer, Benji Weatherley, top action sports pros from around the globe and one very talented musician have converged at Kandui Resort, a remote island of the Mentawais, to begin filming the first installment of The Benji Project.The Benji Project documents the lifestyle and adventures of action sports pros through the eyes of Benji Weatherley. As producer and star of the project, Benji will share with viewers the world of action sports by bringing his vast array of friends together to surf, skate, snowboard and play music. An all-star cast of pro snowboarders, surfers, skateboarders and musicians join together to expose the common thread among these sports that unites them.

With Benji as host, athletes and musicians will travel to remote destinations to embark on extreme adventures showcasing their talents and soaking up others. With Benji’s constant comic relief combined with a “who’s who of his friends in action sports and music, the adventures and possibilities are endless. Giving viewers an inside look at the dream life that is every action sport professional’s reality: culture, friendships, fun, and laughter; as well as hardships, mishaps, and extreme moments.

The first trip is underway with some of the world’s best athletes surfing their brains out at Kandui Resort ( Pro surfers Benji Weatherley, Kalani Robb, Yadin Nichols, Rizal Tanjung, Ross Williams and the legendary Tom Carroll have joined forces with pro snowboarder JP Walker, pro skateboarder Tosh Townend and musician Jack Johnson.

Over the course of the next 6 months, Benji will continue filming the project in additional locations with more of the world’s best athletes and musicians to be determined.

Scheduled for release in summer 2007; get to know Benji’s friends and experience his life the way he does. The world of action sports has never been revealed quite like this. Despite the differences these athletes may have, they are all part of an elite group of professionals that has forever changed sports history.

Thus, action sports unite them and The Benji Project documents it.

Mai Miyama
Little Buddy Productions, Inc.