Prologue – Acceptance

More now than ever before, surfing feels open–like there are no boundaries. It's as if suddenly surfers dropped their little feuds and finally decided to just go surf.

We hope this magazine we're making is reflecting this change in mindset. If you've followed TransWorld SURF's path, you've probably noticed it evolving from a niched magazine about young surfers to a surf magazine for everyone interested in paddling out and having fun. Lately quite a few former critics of the magazine have congratulated us on recent issues and the direction we're steering it in. That feels great, and we appreciate the positive feedback.

Our competition has noticed, too. Other surf mags that seem to have lost their way are taking steps to impede our progress. This is nothing new. For decades surf magazines have waged a private war against their competition, which is more an act of salesmanship than a desire to destroy one another. This past month, another magazine tried to lure us into the fight by bringing the conflict to our doorstep. They desperately want us hunkered down in the muck of name-calling and disinformation that has become their reality.

But we're disinterested in this battle. We view it only as a colossal waste of time. We'd way rather be spending our lives traveling, experimenting, making the best surf magazine in the world, and riding new boards than beating dead horses.

This issue we took a boat trip in Canada, a helicopter ride in Bali, and a stroll down memory lane with some of our favorite surf icons to discuss things they possess–and we had a blast doing it all. We accept that life will always contain some needless drama, but we refuse to seek it out.