PSTA Offers Surf Companies Free Banner And Tent Exposure At Oceanside Pro

The PSTA invites you to come down to the Paul Mitchell Pro at Oceanside Pierthis weekend and set up a tent and banner to promote your company, free ofcharge. The PSTA will help you set up and break down your tent or whateverstructure you bring as long as it works with our permit.

Contests days are Thursday, May 30 à'­ Sunday, June 2. You can set up any dayyou choose, there will be security on hand to watch your stuff overnight.Your tent would be a cool place for your team riders to hang out at duringthe day.

Keep in mind there will be two separate half-hour shows on this event (menà'¹sshortboard + womenà'¹s and longboard) airing on Outdoor Life Network thissummer, which could lead to valuable branding for your company.

We realize the surfing industry is having a tough year, and this is our wayto get you involved in the rebuilding of pro surfing in the US at no cost toyou. The PSTA will also be raffling off a collectorà'¹s condition Chuck Dentresin swirl board, donated by PSTA announcer Mike Morgan, to raise moremoney for the prize purse. Of course, the PSTA welcomes any cash donationsfrom you that will go directly into the prize purse too.

Hope you can make it down to Oceanside, the surf is expected to jump up fromthe south and northwest, so the pier should be firing. With a little effort,you can show your support of pro surfing in America and maybe catch somegood waves too.