Puerto Escondido Challenge winner Grant ‘Twiggy’ Baker talks big-wave barrels and beatings

Grant Baker

Grant Baker charges through a massive barrel to earn a perfect 10-point during the Final of the WSL’s Big Wave Tour Puerto Escondido Challenge. Photo: Courtesy of WSL / Hinkle

This past weekend, the Puerto Escondido Challenge was held at the famed Mexican surf break.

It’s the best beach break in the world according to winner Grant “Twiggy” Baker, thanks to big swells that produce barreling waves.

The surf was between 15-20 feet over the weekend.

The World Surf League (WSL)’s Big Wave Tour stopped there Friday and Saturday for the first time ever, after which SURFER caught up with Baker.

He managed to score a perfect 10-point ride during the final, securing a win and clinching the $25,000 prize.

Grant Twiggy Baker

Baker celebrates his win Saturday. Photo: Courtesy of SURFER/Ryan Craig

He told SURFER that surfing Puerto Escondido is different from surfing some other big-wave spots because of the lack of a channel.

Without a channel, it’s much more difficult to paddle out to the surf.

“At Puerto Escondido, if you want to get the wave and the barrel that you’re looking for, you've got to pay at least ten times before that,” he said. “But you learn how to fall, like skateboarding or any other sport. You learn how to wipe out in the barrel, when to jump off, and when to hold on, and that’s all part of surfing out here and enjoying the waves.”

For his tips on how to properly take a beating, head to SURFER.

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