Puerto Rico’s Surfing Future Makes A Statement At The First Stop Of The Rip Curl Gromsearch 2005 Tour Proudly Presented By Nintendo

Jobos Beach, Puerto Rico (May 28, 2005) — Puerto Rico’s finest groms came out to Jobos Beach to compete in the first regular season stop of the 2005 Rip Curl GromSearch Tour proudly presented by Nintendo. A perfect Caribbean setting produced luminescent skies, crystal clear waters and unexpected 4-5 ft waves. The epic surf conditions had competitors and contest officials alike baffled as surf forecasters called for only minimal 1-2 ft. surf throughout the Memorial Day weekend. Local groms took advantage of the pumping surf conditions by lighting up the draining right-handers that peeled across Jobos reef. After hours of intense competition Rip Curl’s GromSearch was able to bring forward the front line of Puerto Rico’s future surfing stars!

12 & Under standouts consisted of GromSearch Tour veteran, Hector Santa Maria, and local standout, Tommy Orsini. Hector’s opening blow came early on in the final event, after he dropped into a wide-open right-hander that allowed him to unleash multiple turns earning him a solid 7.5 score. Orsini answered back on the following set wave with a 6.5 and soon thereafter found another extensive right-hander that posted a 5.0. With only moments to go in the final, Hector Santa Maria drove home another solid set wave that earned him a score of 5.5 and the victory.

The 14 & Under division set the water on fire by displaying some of the most explosive surfing seen all day. As if taking the 12 & Under title wasn’t enough, Hector Santa Maria proved unstoppable as he dominated the 14 & Under division as well. Juan Gerona and Jose Tavarez did all they could to stop the mega-grom, phenom; however, it was Santa Maria who took control of the final by posting two big scores of 6.0 & 5.0. His combination of scores earned him the lead he needed to out-surf his elders and take home 2 huge victories at the opening event of the GromSearch 2005 Tour.

Backing up his second place victory, 14 & Under standout, Juan Gerona, put on a notable performance by earning the “FreakShow Award presented be Nintendo after blasting a sick ‘fins-out’ 180 tailslide.

Jobos local, Rafael Ferreira, took on Christian Candela for the GromSearch 16 & Under title. Jorge came out of the gates with a 6.5 heat opener; however, Christian quickly answered back on a workable left corner. Rafael put his local knowledge to work becoming a wave machine throughout the remainder of the final. Christian remained patient and took over with his backside attack, going completely vertical on numerous manuevers. In the end it was Rafael with a hard earned 2nd place finish and Christian Candela taking the win!

The Girls 16 & Under final was filled with talent including part time Puerto Rico local, Quincy Davis. Quincy spends the winter months surfing Puerto Rico while she’s away from her home of Montauk, New York. Her experience paid off as she came into the main event with only victory in her sights. The only competitor who came close to threatening Quincy’s victory was Diane Santa Maria who locked into a beautiful set wave that earned her a solid score of 3.5. Nonetheless, Diane’s attempts couldn’t catch Montauk, New York’s, Quincy Davis, as she solidified the Girls 16 & Under division victory.

A special performance was put on by Rip Curl’s own international super star, Brian Toth, who, along with friends Tommy Bursian, Josie Graves, Peluca, and other Jobos’ locals put on an explosive GromSearch Expression Session. Bursian warmed things up with a 180 frontside air; however, Brian Toth took to the skies with a disgusting, boned-out, backside air. Challenging the air time of Danny Way on a vert ramp, Toth took home $100 dollars for winning the GromSearch Expression Session.

Puerto Rican groms are now enjoying tons of new gear thanks to our sponsors: Nintendo, Monster Energy Surfing Magazine, SG Mag, www.wavewatch.com, FCS, Surf One Skateboards, Sticky Bumps, and ADD Marketing & Advertising. Special thanks also goes out to Peggy Tothh, Manuel Fernandez, Josie Graves, our announcer Pito, Estaban at Mundo Rad and the Jobos locals for all their support and cooperation!

Don’t forget….the top three finalists from each age division are invited out to Salt Creek, CA on November 5th to surf in the National Championships. The tour’s top National Finalists in both the Men’s & Women’s 16 & Under division will be invited out to the Rip Curl Pro at Bells Beach, Australia for the 2nd annual International GromSearch Final!

Check out all Rip Curl GromSearch highlights on www.ripcurl.com, www.surfingthemag.com, www.wavewatch.com, and sgmag.com. Also be on the lookout for GromSearch tour coverage in upcoming issues of Surfing Magazine and SG Mag.

Next Stop:
June 15th — Pacific Beach, San Diego, CA

For more info and entry forms go to www.ripcurl.com.

Final Results

Boys 12 & Under

1st — Hector Santa Maria
2nd — Tommy Orsini
3rd — Bernardo Martinez
4th — Christian Rivera
5th — Ricardo Lucke
6th — Ivan Aponte

Boys 14 & Under
1st — Hector Santa Maria
2nd — Juan Gerona
3rd — Jose Tavares
4th — Eric Torres
5th — Jorge Rivera
6th — Bryan Laide

Boys 16 & Under

1st — Christian Candela
2nd — Rafael Ferreia
3rd — Jose Tavarez
4th — Jorge Rivera
5th — Ryan Cortez
6th — Eddie Romero

Girls 16 & Under

1st — Quincy Davis
2nd — Diane Santa Maria
3rd — Ocean Diamond
4th — Pamela Mercado
5th — Kelly Laide
6th — Rachel Torres

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