Putting The Casio Exilim Mobile To The Test At The Wedge

Cali Rally Casio Exilim The Wedge

TransWorld SURF Videographer Toby Ogden with good form (minus stuffing the guy behind him) at the Wedge in Newport Beach. Photo: Casio Exilim Mobile

The fine folks at Casio and TransWorld SURF have teamed up to out the new Casio Exilim Mobile to the ultimate test—the Cali Rally. Part phone and part water resistant camera, we’ve been using the phones to communicate with the rallyers and snap some fun photos along the way. On Wednesday, we decided to see exactly how much abuse this little bad boy could handle so naturally, body-whomping at the infamous Newport Beach Wedge was the call.

Casio Exilim Cali Rally The Wedge

If the Casio Exilim Mobile can handle the bufoon-filled Cali Rally and the Wedge, it can handle anything. Photo: Casio Exilim Mobile

Casio Exilim

TransWorld SURF’s Justin Cote gives the Casio Exilim Mobile two shakas. Photo: Casio Exilim Mobile

Casio Exilim

“Dude, you gotta get down here!” Photo: Casio Exilim Mobile