Quantum Fin looks to revolutionize surfing

According to the maker of Quantum Fin, the surf industry has seen no innovations in fin technology since Simon Anderson introduced the thruster fin 30 years ago.

Now, surfboard shpaer Darryl Wilkes is proposing a radical change to surfboard fins with the Quantum Fin, which looks like three fins all fused together.

The Q fin creator Wilkes said it has more vertical lift and less drag than the thruster fin, making it faster than anything that’s currently on the market.

Another huge benefit he says the fin has is increased control, making it much easier to maneuver on a wave.

Wilkes said the technology is modeled after airplane wings.

“These sidefins are foiled like airplane wings providing vertical lift. Vertical lift gets the board on the plane earlier and keeps it there longer, so basically what it does is allow your surfboard to go faster,” he said in a Kickstarter video.

Quantum Fin

The Quantum Fin mimics airplane wings and the creator says it increase speed and maneuverability on the wave. Photo: Courtesy of Quantum Fin

Bill Hunter is an engineer who helped develop the fin and said that he was willing to tinker with the design because he himself is a surfer.

“I was intrigued because surfing technology really hasn’t changed very much in the last 20 or 30 years, at least to my knowledge,” he said on the website.

This week a Kickstarter campaign was launched to raise $56,000 for the fins, which will likely be shipped in March.

Right now people can purchase the fin for $105 which is less than the future price of $170.

The fin comes with it’s own 8 inch sliding box and can be used on shortboards, standup paddleboards and kiteboards.

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