Quarterfinals set at US Open of Surfing

After 4 round 5 heats, man-on-man, in pumping Huntington surf, the quarterfinals are set at the Nike US Open of Surfing.

Tanner Gudauskas continued his roll in heat 1, taking out Richard Christie, who never quite got into the heat, struggling to put up a double digit total. Tanner’s been showing a brilliant mix of rail surfing with fins out maneuvers all event. He now faces Dusty Payne in heat 1 of the quarterfinals.

Taj dispatched of Evan Gieselman in heat 2, setting up an ironic quarterfinal 2 matchup. Kelly vs Taj. The two have been dating a pair of sisters for the last few months and have been doing a lot of double dating..

Quarterfinal 3 is equally is impressive. Kolohe edged out John John Florence, ending his qualification quest, likely to fall short at this point, setting up another Dane vs Kolohe showdown. The two have met before this event and previously at Trestles during the Hurley Pro. Dane has the upper hand and admittedly harbors a secret fear of losing to grommets.

Yadin Nicol kept his qualifying hopes alive elimintaing the last Brazilian in the event, Thiago Camarao. He will now face Royden Brysen in quarter 4.

The waves will be pumping again tomorrow, which should set the stage for an epic final.