Quick QnA With Castles In The Sky Director Taylor Steele

Premiering this week in California, Taylor Steele’s latest and greatest project is called Castles In The Sky. Filmed in five countries over the course of three years, we’re expecting quite a show! Click HERE for California tour dates.

TransWorld SURF: How did you come up with the name Castles In The Sky?

Taylor Steele: I read it somewhere. The meaning behind it is “wanting something out of reach”. I thought it fit our mindset of wanting new experiences and waves.

Where was it filmed?

India, Iceland, Vietnam, Peru and Africa.

Where did you guys score the best surf?

In India at this wave that has only been surfed by the locals. A week before our arrival they scouted it for us since we were coming to hang with them. We were some of the first foreigners there. Incredible waves and offshore all day. All the camera crew got to surf empty waves when Rasta was tired, too. So fun.

Everyone knows that getting skunked is part of traveling for surf. What did you guys do when the surf was lacking?

We would cruise around and check out the place. It depended on where we were. In India we took a train across the north to check the sites. In Peru we went to Machu Pichu. Everywhere we went we had something to do.

Is the film broken into surfer sections or locations?

Locations. We chose surfers that fit each location and really wanted to go there. Rasta had been dreaming of visiting India for a while. Same with Peru for Rob [Machado] and Iceland for Dan Malloy.

In your eyes, who surfed the best during the making of the film?

Machado was on in Peru; Clay Marzo too. Rasta was also in the zone. Everyone had their sessions.

What was the funniest thing that happened in the making of the movie?

So many things happen on these trips it's all a blur. I guess customs keeping my camera in the Sahara was funny looking back on it. It wasn't funny at the time though. I ended up shooting with my photo camera and trying to make it work.

Why the Hollywood premiere? There's no surf in Hollywood!

Haha! That's why! They need some real surf movies there—not the Hollywood perception of surfing. The real reason is it's a good excuse to go big in the city.

What's next for the Sipping Jetstreams crew?

Rest… Yet there are some ideas for the next trip are starting to swirl.