Quiksilver 24/7 Tour

The concept was unique – gather up some of the worlds best pro surfers, snowboarders and skier’s, give them 2 brand new 4×4 Volvo’s and send them to the snow resorts of Victoria and New South Wales with 2 photographers, a techno DJ and a team manager, to ride all day and party all night.

With a cast that included pro surfers, Tom Carroll, Matt Hoy, Ross Clarke-Jones, Troy Brooks, pro snowboarders, Jason Haynes, Mathieu Crepel (France), Martin Czernik (Czechoslovakia), Jemima Brain and Danni Morris and pro skiers, Andrea Binning, & Roxy Green – the results were mind blowing snowboard action and enough comedy to bottle up and sell.

Record breaking snowfalls kept the team hyped up such as 2 time Australian snowboard champion Jason Haynes, who led the way on the slopes with recently retired pro surfer Matt Hoy showing us the way to the local nightlife. “It’s all about getting back to basics and getting out there with your mates and charging.” said Jason.

“We had local accounts and friends hang with us, doing hotlaps of the mountain and then partying at night with our own resident DJ. Like the name suggests * it was 24 hours, 7 days.”

The Tour members hosted a huge party night at each resort with our own DJ Tripper’s tech house music and product giveaways to keep everyone entertained.

Tom Carroll, who will be competing in the Quiksilver Surf Masters in less than 3 weeks, saw stars when he was taken out by a fellow team member while filming a high-speed chase scene for an untitled video project.

“Lucky for me the snow was soft and I slowed down before I hit the trees. I’ve had so many injuries over my surfing career and I don’t need any more. That day riding Stanley’s at Thredbo was as good as it gets. Untracked knee deep powder with just our mates * it doesn’t get any better.”

Quiksilver Europe team rider Kym Christensen (Norway) won the Mt Hotham Big Air Event. Kym was at Mt Hotham shooting a European cinema commercial and entered the contest as a wildcard taking down some big names along the way. A custom built * pipe kept Mathieu Crepel, Jason Haines, Matt Hoy and Ross Clarke-Jones amused for hours at Falls Creek The boosting went on into the night with 2 ski doos and a snow cat on a break from grooming, lighting up the ramp for the team. Other highlights of the Tour included an epic * pipe demonstration, chillin’ with 3 time Winter Olympic medallist Steven Lee, working behind the bar of the world famous “jugs hour” at Hotham’s “The Snowbird”. (The standing room only crowd was star stuck to see Tom, Ross, Jason and Hoyo pulling beers.) , filming cliff drops at Hotham, Ross Clarke-Jones’ driving skills and trying to explain to Tom that you can’t get up for an early session because the lifts don’t open till 8:30am. (He would take off at 7:30 anyway).

Current World #2 Junior Snowboarder, Mathieu Crapel came all the way from France to join the 24/7 Tour. The 16-year-old has been blowing minds with his snowboard air antics and smooth style both on the snow and on the dancefloor.

“It’s a treat to be here boarding with my surfing hero’s.” Said Mathieu. “I like to surf when I’m not snowboarding. The two sports are very similar especially when the snow is this good.”

After a few epic sunny days at Thredbo, the Tour wrapped up at Perisher Blue where Jason Haynes, Roxy Green, Mathieu Crepel (France), Jemima Brain and Andrea Binning, and Martin Czernik (Czechoslovakia) , all took part in the Australian Winter X-Games. Mathieu won the * Pipe event and Andrea took second in the skiiercross.

Fresh from winning the Rip Curl Heli-Challenge in New Zealand, current World Extreme Skiing Champion, Andrea Binning, was over joyed to be part of the Tour. “This has been such a great time.” Said Andrea. “This is much more relaxed than a competition so you can talk to everyone that your meeting rather than signing an autograph behind a security fence. I hope we do this again next year, ’cause I’m not going to miss it.”

The Tour looks set to go bigger and better next year with athletes such as Kelly Slater, Tony Hawk, Shaun Palmer and Nathan Fletcher all expressing interest for 2001.

For further information and images. Mark Rayner or Gary Wall 03 52 616000 Email: mark.rayner@qsilver.com.au

Dates and locations of the Quiksilver ROXY 24/7 Tour were:

Mt Buller —- 18th * 21st — August
Falls Creek —- 22nd * 24th — August
Mt Hotham —- 24th * 28th — August
Thredbo —- 28th *29th — August
Perisher Blue —- 30th * 31st — August

24/7 Tour Stats:

Kilometers driven: 2,269
Average hours of sleep per night: 3.5
Posters signed: Over 500
Body parts signed: 4
Hospital visits: 1 (Scott Needham * photographer)
Red Bull: 64 cans
Best crash: Tom Carroll (double cartwheel cheese wiz head slap)
Worst food: Omeo Pub (More oil than the Exxon Valdez disaster)
Hours of TV watched: 0
Fastest crowd clearance: Kofflers, Mt Buller (Scott Needham’s gas. Say no more*)
Beer: No comment