Quiksilver ISA World Jr Champs Lay Day Due To Poor Conditions

May 27, 2008: – –  The normal 8am start time for the Quiksilver ISA World Juniors was postponed until 12:30 due to poor surf conditions. That call was extended to 3.30pm, when the contest was finally cancelled for the day. Only then could all the surfers awaiting to surf their heats finally relax.

A lay day allows the World’s best youngsters a chance to recover and recharge in the hope that tomorrow morning begins a little bit brighter. After two days of non-stop high performance surfing in epic conditions and hot sunshine, everyone can now at last, take a breath.

Windy 1-2 ft waves are not what contestants are used to look at here at Seignosse Le Penon. It seemed even the sun wanted a day off. The world famous French beach breaks have provided fantastic conditions for the opening 2 days of the event. Contest director Marcos Bukao said, “This has been the easiest decision I have had to make. We ran the maximum amounts of heats yesterday; we have completed 30% of the contest in just two days.”

Marcos was not worried about the pressure of a heavy schedule. He has the job of completing the event, which will crown the three new World Champions.

His cool Brazilian attitude has a positive outlook. ‘We can still finish the contest without time problems. We’re fortunate to have two independent contest podiums. Each one can run independently without any problem at the same time. This allows even better use of time and gives the surfers the best chance of surfing quality conditions’

Forecasted wave conditions look to improve slightly tomorrow. A larger swell will hit again on Thursday, Friday and Saturday, when the event will produce even higher performance surfing from this great generation of surfers.