Quiksilver Masters 2003 Event To Be Held At Historic Makaha, Hawaii

Quiksilver Masters 2003 Event To Be Held At Historic Makaha, Hawaii

Huntington Beach, California, January 7, 2002 (NYSE: ZQK) Quiksilver announces the 2003 Quiksilver Masters World Surfing Championship will be held next month at the historic Makaha break on the Westside of Oahu, Hawaii.

Throughout the 50s and 60s, Makaha hosted the most famous surfing event in the world, the Makaha International, and since then, the venue has hosted but a handful of major events. Makaha legend and surfing icon Buffalo Keaulana said today he welcomed the return of surfing’s pioneer professionals to his beach.

“We started off here with the International and it will be good tohave something like that back at Makaha again,” commented BuffaloKeaulana. “I’ve been speaking to people about having the Masters here and they’d rather see that contest here than any other kind of event. I’ll be happy to see the Masters surf in Hawaii, too. It will be great for the kids down here to get to see these guys surf.”

The $120,000 Makaha Quiksilver Masters will feature 17 world champions within an elite field of 32 of the best surfers in the world over the age of 35. It will be held over a waiting period between 20 January and 2 February 2003.

  • Competitors

  • Grand Masters
  • Shaun Tomson
  • Rabbit Bartholomew
  • Michael Ho
  • Mark Richards
  • Simon Anderson
  • Terry Richardson
  • Buzzy Kerbox
  • Peter Townend
  • Bobby Owens
  • Ian Cairns
  • Reno Abellira
  • Mark Warren
  • Paul Neilsen
  • Terry Fitzgerald
  • WC Bruce Raymond
  • WC Nat Young
  • Reserves:
  • Jeff Hakman – first reserve due to injury.
  • Masters
  • Barton Lynch
  • Martin Potter
  • Damien Hardman
  • Gary Elkerton
  • Derek Ho
  • Tom Curren
  • Hans Hedemann
  • Rob Bain
  • Dave Macaulay
  • Glen Winton
  • Dane Kealoha
  • Brad Gerlach
  • Mike Parsons
  • Richard Cram
  • WC Ross Clarke Jones
  • WC Rusty Keaulana
  • Reserves:
  • Rob Page
  • Glen Rawlings

Event schedule:

Opening Ceremonies-January 21st-8:00 AM-Kahu blessing

Golf Tournament-January 20th-12:30 PM

Luau-January 20th-6:00 PM-Makaha Valley Resort

Surf Culture Museum Trip-January 30th-6-9:00 PM

Awards/Closing Ceremony-TBA on last day of event-Makaha Valley Resort

For more event information, you are invited to take a look at our world at www.quiksilver.com/masters.