Quiksilver Pro Fiji May 25 – June 6

Quiksilver Pro
Tavarua/Namotu, Fiji
May 25-June 6, 2003
US$250,000 Prizemoney


The Quiksilver Pro Fiji brings the top 44-rated surfers in the world to arguably the best high performance wave in the world. Stop 4 of the ASP tour, the Quiksilver Pro Fiji has a prize purse totaling $250,000, and a history of delivering some of the best surf on tour. This year five wildcard entrants will compete for the last two spots in the event.

The islands of Tavarua and Namotu will house the competitors and staff involved just as they have for the past 3 years. Each year the Fijian’s prove to be gracious and accommodating hosts and make this a special event for both the competitors and staff. The waiting period official begins May 26 and runs through June 7. This gives contest directors the ability to be selective about which days the event will run and at which break. The directors can select from “Cloudbreak” (the first choice for location), Restaurants’, and Namotu Lefts’. Last year’s event was an absolute dream scenario. Perfect waves, at both Cloudbreak and Restaraunts, ideal weather and the most progressive surfing the ASP tour has ever seen. Slater went absolutely nuts in the early rounds , which was just a precursor to the Floridian contingent. The semis were composed of 3 Floridians; Shea Lopez, Cory Lopez, and CJ Hobgood, along with the lone Australian, Michael Lowe. It was Lowe who ultimately claimed the top spot at the 2002 Quiksilver Pro Fiji and took home the US$30,000 check.

This year’s event will undoubtedly be another one to watch. Check in with quiksilver.com results from each day, photos, video, and first hand commentary.

The 322 islands of Fiji are the epitome of the surfing dream. The Roxy Pro sets a course back to the Mamanuca archipelago, west of Fiji’s main Island of Viti Levu to the small heart shaped island of Tavarua. The event will most likely be stage at the locally known reef of ‘Nakuru Kuri Malagi’, but world famously ‘Cloudbreak’. ‘Restaurants’ and ‘Namotu Lefts’ are also possible nearby venues.

The shallow reef that houses ‘Cloudbreak’ is situated two kilometers (1-1/2 miles) from the tropical islands shoreline and finds itself on the receiving end of a consistent, powerful and undiminished Southern Hemisphere swell. With the right conditions Cloudbreak produces awesome tube rides and performance surf up to 5 meters (15 feet). Anything less than 100 percent concentration and commitment will see surfers painfully hitting the razor sharp coral reef.

In 2002, Michael Lowe survived the toughest of opponents in epic conditions, both at Cloudbreak and the first ever final at ‘Restaurants’ against Shea Lopes (USA), to clinch the Quiksilver Pro.

Quiksilver Pro Fiji
Media Contact: Kirk Willcox
Phone: +61-(0)-2-9973-5555
E-mail: kirk.willcox@quisilver.com.au

Past Event Champions
2002Michael Lowe (Aus)
2001-event not held –
2000Luke Egan (Aus)
1999Mark Occhilupo
1998-event not held –
1997Luke Egan (Aus) — G-Land
1996Shane Beschen (USA) — G-Land
1995Kelly Slater (USA) — G-Land