Quiksilver Pro Final On Live Right Now!

The Quiksilver Pro at Snapper Rocks on Australia’s Gold Coast is in progress right now. As I type, Joel Parkinson, who many have favored to win the event is trailing Tom Whitaker in round four. The surf is excellent by any standards, with head high waves rolling for miles down the famous Superbank. Andy beat brother Bruce 20 minutes ago, and still to surf are Kelly Slater, Occy, and Chris Ward to name a few.

The comp has been a good one with trialist 17-year-old Stephanie Gilmore defeating Layne Beachley, Megan Abubo, and several other great female surfers to win the Roxy Pro a few days ago. In the men’s comp, yesterday Bede Durbidge, a 20 year old WCT rookie, gave Kelly Slater a scare when he pushed the former 6-time world champ to the edge. Bede surfed his heat with the charisma of a tour vet.

Chris Ward has been killing it, too. He definitely surfs like he belongs in the company of surfing’s best. He will have a tough road to the final today, but he may just have it in him.

The entire event will run today (Tuesday in Australia), so you may need to watch from home. Or you can stay late at work, pretend you’re the hardest working employee of whatever hell hole you work at, and watch online from you desk. Go to: Quiksilver.com or ASP World Tour.