Quiksilver Pro France Trialists Decided

Friday, September 24, 2004 (Hossegor, France) The Quiksilver Pro France entered its official waiting period this morning, yet was greeted by unfavorable, stormy conditions. Organizers of the US$260,000 World Championship Tournament (WCT) opted to utilize one of the lay-days, since the event runs through until the 3rd of October with only four full days required.

The Quiksilver Pro France Trials took place yesterday in good 3-5 ft (1.5m) surf at Capbreton’s famous, “La Piste”. Two main event spots were up for grabs, with Frederic Robin (France) winning ahead of Jonathan Gonzalez (Canary Islands). Tim Boal (France) narrowly missed out in third placed, while Californian giant-killer Dane Reynolds finished fourth. Both Robin and Gonzalez are now pitted against the world’s best when round one commences.

The third Quiksilver Pro wildcard was granted to three-time ASP world champion Tom Curren (CA, USA). He commented during yesterday’s press conference, “It is mainly thanks to Kelly and Quiksilver that I got the opportunity to surf in this contest.”

Another decision will be made tomorrow morning at 8am (local time). All upcoming heats are listed below.

The Quiksilver Pro France will have 5 languages for its live Internet webcast including English, French, Portuguese, Spanish and Japanese: www.quiksilver.com/profrance.

Upcoming Quiksilver Pro France Round One (1st>Rnd3; 2nd>Rnd2)

H1: Taj Burrow (AUS); Tim Curran (USA); Toby Martin (AUS)

H2: Luke Egan (AUS); Phil MacDonald (AUS); Beau Emerton (AUS)

H3: Mark Occhilupo (AUS); Darren O’Rafferty (AUS); Bruce Irons (HAW)

H4: Jake Paterson (AUS); Guilherme Herdy (BRA); Luke Hitchings (AUS)

H5: Damien Hobgood (USA); Kalani Robb (HAW); Shane Beschen (USA)

H6: Nathan Hedge (AUS); Peterson Rosa (BRA); Eric Rebiere (FRA)

H7: CJ Hobgood (USA); Sunny Garcia (HAW); Armando Daltro (BRA)

H8: Andy Irons (HAW); Cory Lopez (USA); Tom Curren (USA)

H9: Kelly Slater (USA); Pat O’Connell (USA); Frederic Robin (FRA)

H10: Joel Parkinson (AUS); Richie Lovett (AUS); Jonathan Gonzalez (CNY)

H11: Daniel Wills (AUS); Michael Campbell (AUS); Nathan Webster (AUS)

H12: Dean Morrison (AUS); Trent Munro (AUS); Raoni Monteiro (BRA)

H13: Taylor Knox (USA); Troy Brooks (AUS); Kieren Perrow (AUS)

H14: Michael Lowe (AUS); Victor Ribas (BRA); Greg Emslie (ZAF)

H15: Lee Winkler (AUS); Chris Davidson (AUS); Marcelo Nunes (BRA)

H16: Paulo Moura (BRA); Tom Whitaker (AUS); Neco Padaratz (BRA)