Quiksilver Teams With MindArrow For Mavericks Promo

MindArrow Systems Inc., a provider of Web-based ASP solutions that enable the intelligent delivery and tracking of targeted, multimedia communications over the Internet, today announced the launch of an interactive email marketing campaign for Quiksilver Inc., the popular sports clothing and equipment company.

Quiksilver employed MindArrow’s proprietary eBrochure technology to promote the third annual Quiksilver Mavericks Men Who Ride Mountains Big Wave Event, featuring 21 of the world’s top surfers, including Flea (Darryl) Virostko, Peter Mel and Kelly Slater, as they challenge each other — and Mother Nature — at Mavericks, the legendary big-wave reef located off the tip of Pillar Point in Half Moon Bay, Calif.


The contest will be held sometime before March 31, 2001, when surfing conditions are deemed ideal with waves in excess of twenty feet.

The Quiksilver eBrochure included surfing video at Mavericks beach; an overview of the contest; and hyperlinks allowing viewers to opt-in to receive updates on the event, register to view the live webcast, and obtain additional event information. The eBrochure also encouraged recipients to forward the message to a friend.

“MindArrow provided us with an ideal medium to convey the excitement of the Mavericks event with spectacular video footage that really enticed our audience,” said Kenna Bertell, online marketing manager of Quiksilver Inc. “The Mavericks eBrochure has received an outstanding response rate — the eBrochure has been key to getting the word out about this event and increasing our database of registered users. We look forward to more successful campaigns with MindArrow to promote our products and sponsorships.”

The Quiksilver eBrochure was originally delivered to over 21,500 individuals who had opted-in to receive information from Quiksilver. To date, the eBrochure has an overall viewership rate of 20 percent with 27 percent of those viewers opting-in to receive updates on the Big Wave Event, and more than 1,100 recipients have registered to view the live webcast. The Quiksilver eBrochure can be downloaded for viewing at http://www.mindarrow.net/vpdownloads/download.asp?cid=8251&mid=6 and more information about the event can be found at http://www.usa.quiksilver.com.

“The eBrochure gave Quiksilver the ability to capitalize on the excitement of the massive surf at Mavericks and the loyalty of their fan base,” said Mike Pennell, vice president of marketing, MindArrow Systems. “By using our interactive technology to combine the sights and sounds of real surf with the Quiksilver brand, the company was able to conduct an exciting affinity marketing program that leveraged its title sponsorship of this exciting event, delivered important time-sensitive news about when the Mavericks event actually would occur, and demonstrated its leading-edge position in the surfwear industry.”

MindArrow eBrochures are highly compressed, self-contained files containing high-quality video, audio, graphics and interactive hyperlinks that can be distributed via email or downloaded from a Web page. eBrochures require no plug-ins, players or streaming, allowing companies to deliver high-quality video messages even over a dial-up connection. MindArrow’s Web-based ASP solution called Virtual Prospector(TM) provides a complete self-service solution that allows sales organizations to send and track one-to-one rich media messages to individual prospects in real-time, while also allowing marketing organizations to develop and manage complete eBrochure campaigns.