Quiksilver Unleashes “The Albatross.”

The Quiksilver Crossing Takes To The Air!!

The Quiksilver Crossing has added another tool in it’s arsenal of surf exploration, The Crossing Seaplane! The “Albatross” amphibian was designed to meet a Navy requirement for a utility aircraft which could operate from land or water. It’s wingspan is 98 ft., length 62 ft. 10 in., height 25 ft. 10 in., it has two 1,425 hp. engines and a maximum speed of 250mph.

The “Albatross” joins the “Indies Trader” which is currently anchored in the waters of the Mississippi. “Just before sunset we heard it, the mighty engines growling, and then it emerged, a big airplane the size of the Indies Trader with wings. From just above the thick forest canopy bordering the river banks it came straight for the boat “buzzing us” straight overhead before a dramatic water landing in the river next to us-water was flying everywhere as it touched down and then taxied up to the boat. Then who comes climbing out, but two guys who fully epitomize The Crossing- Tom Carroll, and Peter Mel!”

The Crossing crew is making it’s way down the Mississippi and is headed to the North Atlantic next. For more details on The Crossing, go to www.quiksilver.com/shescoming