Quiksilver World Grommet Titles 2000 Day 3

The swell forecasters were on the money with their call for swell today. As the morning kicked off, the swell was already noticeably bigger than the previous two days, and continued to build throughout the day. By midday the sets were a good one to two metres and going off.

According to local Balinese legend ripper and personality, Wayan Pica, the waves were “.pretty good. A seven out of ten.” Tony Wales, CEO of Quiksilver Indo, added to that with “In the 12 year history of the event, rarely have we seen better waves than today, and the next two days are only going to get better.”

Requalifying events for all divisions were surfed through the morning, and were followed by the first heats of round two for the Quiksilver Boys Under 18 and the first three heats of the Quiksilver Boys Under 16.

The under 16 boys requalifying round started the morning off. Indonesian Ribut Wahyudi turned on to finish first in his heat, chalking up one of the few heat wins for Indonesia. The standout of the division though, was Japanese Kenta Hayashi, who blazed through his heat surfing super fast and smooth through his precise turns.

Surfing in the under 18’s requalifier was fairly consistent, but it was American Casey Snider, hailing from Santa Cruz, who ripped big snaps and even scored the first little tube of the day, that separated him from the pack.

In the second heat of the Roxy Girls Under 19 requalifier, New Zealand’s Holly Quinn and Miku Uemura of Japan were neck and neck for their whole heat, both surfing strong with rides and turns all the way to the beach. In the end, it was Quinn who ended up getting the nod from the judges. South Africa’s Roseanne Hodge turned some heads as well with some tight snaps in her heat.

The real surfing started the moment the first heat of the Quiksilver Boys Under 18 second round hit the water. Current Australian Junior Champion Jock Barnes went absolutely ballistic from his first wave, surfing sharp with big moves on every turn. The crowd seemed to appreciate it as well, as they hooted their approval. Tahitian Alain Riou sat in last for at least half of the second heat, until he finally jumped into gear and pulled the rug from under his peers’ feet with his strong backhand attack to a win. Zahn Foxton lit up his heat with sick turns, even clicking the only real air of the contest so far to another heat win for Australia. Bede Durbidge, also from Australia, backed up his first round win with another in the second round. Durbidge has been ripping everytime he’s surfed in this event. Wrapping up the final heat of the second round saw South African goofyfooter Royden Bryson sending his competitors reaching for their notepads and pens each time he shralped the top off another long right.

The first three heats of the Quiksilver Boys Under 16 second round were just as (if not more so) intense as the under 18’s. In the first heat, Puerto Rico’s Gabriel Escudero was surfing loose and hard, not unlike a young Rob Machado. Escudero maintained first for the whole heat until the last few seconds were being counted down, when Australian gromm terror Joel Bonning hooked into a medium sized right which he shredded all the way to the beach on the siren, pulling a last second shocker on the Puerto Rican, robbing him of his first place. In the second heat South Africa’s Warwick Wright and New Zealander Daniel Scott blew minds for the whole heat finishing first and second respectively.

Contest organizers decided to call it a day due to a blinding glare that flooded in with the afternoon light. The surf was still cooking and was back to it’s normal crowded self the instant the final horn sounded. With the swell still on the rise for tomorrow, we can only imagine what kind of surfing will be on display for tomorrow morning’s start of 8:30 A.M. after today’s slice and dice action. So, until tomorrow’s report it will be another full day of elimination rounds . till the last gromm standing.

By Lorca Luerras