Quiver: Keith Malloy’s Ride-Anything Quiver

“There’s no excuse for not getting in the water-a good quiver should cover all different conditions. For myself, it’s fun to pull out some dinosaurs to see what kind of challenges the good ol’ boys had back in the day. It gives you a good perspective on things and teaches you to surf a different part of the wave.”-Keith Malloy

Height: 6’2″

Weight: 195 lbs.

Ten-foot thruster shaped by Al Merrick. “This board’s perfect for Mavericks or Todos. I’ve had this board for a few years-it’s nice to have faith in a board when the waves get big.”

12’6″ hybrid paddle/surfboard shaped by Joe Bark. “I custom ordered this board for long paddles on coastlines where there’re surfable waves. The thing is a beast but totally works and paddles great.”

12′, circa 1930s replica wooden paddleboard, shaped and built by Mike Malloy (Keith’s dad). “This board is fun to paddle or even stand-up paddle. It’s also surfable. There’s a wave near my house like Waikiki, and every year we have a contest on these boards there. The person that gets the longest ride wins.”

7′ Al Merrick gun. “This board’s good for double- to triple-overhead waves. I rode it this winter at the Ventura Rivermouth when it was macking, and it worked insane.”

6’3″ Al Merrick, deep six channel, swallow tail. “Insane in powerful, offshore waves. I had one of the best sessions of my life on this board at J-Bay. Paint job by yours truly.”

6’2″ Al Merrick, squashtail, all-around California board. “The perfect wave for this board would be three- to four-foot Lowers. Since I weigh about 195 pounds, my short boards are nineteen inches wide and two-and-a-half inches thick.”

5’10” Al Merrick tow board. “This thing is a blast in big surf. It’s amazing how well it turns for how small and heavy it is.”

6’4″ round pin shaped by Fletcher Chouinard. “Thermal composite engineered, this board is made from closed-cell foam and is glassed with 100-percent epoxy. The buoyancy makes it really good for busting air. I’ve had it for over a year, and it still has no dings.”

4’10”, 20 1/2″ wide, six-pound Velo design, George Greenough replica. “George was the first guy to start pumping down the line and ride deep in the barrel, and he did it on this board. You need a good wave to ride this board, but once you get going, it flies.”

6’9″ five-fin bonzer shaped by Malcom Campbell. “This board works best in a point break like Rincon. You can draw super clean and mean lines on it.”

1′, 8 1/2″ wide, handboard shaped by Fletcher Chouinard. “Super fun to bodysurf with because it allows you to plane easier. I saw my brother, Dan, get barreled with one of these and come out.”

Da Fin swimfins. “Great bodysurf fins that Mark Cunningham gave me. I figure if Mark uses them, they must be the best.”

7’4″ shaped by Greg Liddle. “The design is called a stubby-round nose and tail, single flex-fin with displacement hull. Works great in down-the-line surf and holds trim like no other.”