Quivers: Derek Dunfee

Derek Dunfee Surfboard Quiver

Derek Dunfee | La Jolla, California | Photo: Aaron Checkwood

Quivers : Derek Dunfee

La Jolla, CA. surfer Derek Dunfee's 2' To 20' Quiver

Derek Dunfee
Height: 5'10"
Weight: 155 lbs.
Sponsors: Volcom, Nixon, Crap Eyewear

5’6" x 19 3/4" x 2 1/4" McCallum J.Jr model (on the porch)
Jeff McCallum is a San Diego shaper that makes fishes and other weird boards. I also have a 6'3" and 7'0". It's like combining a fish-type shape with a tube-riding board. They're thick in the middle, but the rails are thin for paddle power and you can also turn them. I can also ride the 5'6" in small surf, too.

7'0" x 18.4" x 2.4" Stu Kenson (green board on the porch)
This is my standard tube board, for Hawaii, Puerto Escondido, and even Fiji—big barrels. It's like a big shortboard: thin, narrow, more rocker. I have a full quiver of these types of boards and would use them when the surf is in the eight- to 10-foot range.

7'3 18 3/4" x 2 3/4" Great White model
I shaped this two years ago, my first and only board so far, for big frontside barrels in Mainland Mexico. I don't know a ton about surfboard design, enough I guess, but I just sort of made an asymmetrical tail how I thought it would work, and I've gotten some really good barrels on it. The inside rail is thinner than the outside rail. It holds really well in the tube, but on cutbacks I just dig a rail and fall every time.

10' x 21" Pat Curren Gun
This is most priceless possession I own. It's a magical surfboard, an amazing big-wave gun. I don't ride it as much as I should because it's so valuable to me. I trust the board and Pat Curren, and that makes me want to test it in heavy waves. I'm super careful on the beach with it, but when I'm in the water I want to put it to the test. One of the first times I rode it at Mavs my leash broke and it took us 40 minutes to find. I was devastated, I thought I'd lost it. I have certain places I want to ride it, and then I'm going to put it up on my wall. I rode it at Waimea this year, and here in La Jolla at a few reefs that can be good on the biggest swells of the year. So those were ones I wanted to check off the list.

Water Housing
That's a Del Mar Water Housing. I've been shooting photos and video with that a bunch the last few years. I can unscrew the handle and put it on the tail of my board on a mount they made me.

The House
I think we're the only renters on the block. We live two blocks up from Windansea, and I wouldn't be bummed to pay rent the rest of my life and not have a $5,000 mortgage.

Derek Dunfee in Volcom’s Coming Of Ageless