Quivers – Pat O’Connell

Pat O’Connell’s California Quiver

“I’ve been riding Timmy’s (Patterson) boards since I was a young pup. I get maybe 50 boards a year. When I find one I really like, I treat it really good. When I don’t like one, I give it right back. I can usually tell if a board’s gonna work good the first minute I hold it under my arm-I think that comes from riding for the same shaper for so long.”-Pat-O

Height: 5’6″

Weight: 140

1. INT Softboard-“Eight or nine feet, I think.”

“Since I stay in California a lot more than I used to, I always try to keep this in my truck. No matter how big the waves are or how bad it is, I can always go surf on this. It’s got soft fins, it’s a big ol’ log, and it’s fun for my girl or my friend’s girls to go ride this thing. This board is for anytime fun.”

2. Timmy Patterson squashtail-5’9″ long, 18 1/4″ wide, 2 1/16″ thick

“This is old faithful. It’s a mix between a grovel board and a standard shortboard. It’s got a little bit wider of a nose and a pulled-in tail, so I can ride this board in small waves or even bowling waves. It’s such a perfect board for the waves in Southern California. I spraypainted it white and pink for the Drive Thru just to make it look better, but now it looks weird. I’ll have this board up in my rafters for a long time-I love it.”

3. Timmy Patterson twin-fin-5’6″, 18 3/4″, 2″

“Summertime in California-what more can I say. The nose of this board is really wide, so it paddles great. This thing is perfect for little point breaks and cruisy sessions. You can ride this board in bigger waves, too. When you surf the same type of waves all the time, it’s good to try to change up your boards a lot.”

4. Timmy Patterson rounded pin-6′, 18 1/8″, 2″

“I rode this board in the X-Games down in Puerto. It’s for barrels and bigger waves. I could ride waves up to ten feet, maybe. Sometimes, though, I like to ride this board in smaller waves. Something about having more rail in the water gives you more drive in certain situations. I sprayed this one for some reason, too. The resale value on this thing went way down after that. Ha!”

5. Timmy Patterson, rounded pin, 5’10”, 18 1/8″, 2″

“This one’s brand new, and after one session, I love it. This is pretty much my everyday board. Right when I put it under my arm, I knew it was gonna go good. I love new boards-it’s so fresh and new looking. After a few weeks, I’ll probably spraypaint it and make it look ugly-I gotta stop doing that.”

6. INT black ball beater-4′ something

“Another board for big waves. I just love this thing to screw around on, and it actually rides really good! It has a hard bottom, it’s nice and light, and look at the swallow tail on it-you can’t really go wrong here. This one always seems to be in my trick, too.”