Quivers with Dean Morrison

When Dean Morrison packed his boardbag for a recent trip to New Zealand (coming next issue in TransWorld SURF), he used his professional experience to gauge what size boards he needed. He knew the waves wouldn’t be death defying, but they would definitely be rippable. Here’s what he packed for a ten-day trip, figuring the waves would be between two and eight feet. Of course, these are only six of his hundreds of boards.

All these boards are very alike. They’re all eighteen inches wide, and two-and-an-eighth inches thick. Most of them are shaped by Jason Stevenson for JS Surfboards. I’ve been riding for him for six years. It’s great because he’s young, really into shaping, and getting better at shaping. Each board goes better than the last one. He’s a good friend of mine and lives by me in Coolangatta.”

Boards from left to right:

6’0″ thumbtail by JS—eighteen inches wide, 2 1/8 thick. This board is for waves two feet to head high. The thumbtail works insane.

6’3″ pintail by Greg Webber—same dimensions as the rest of them, 18 inches wide, 2 1/8 thick. This is my board for bigger surf—four-to-six-foot waves.

Here’s two 5’11” JS thumbtails that are my favorite boards. They’re pretty much identical. These are the boards I ride on a day-to-day basis at Kirra or wherever. I love these two.

6’6″ pintail by Pat Rawson—18 inches wide, 2 1/8 thick. This is the board I brought if the waves get solid six to eight feet.

5’10” squaretail by Greg Webber—for small mushy waves. It goes fast through flat sections. A board for shit waves.

5’11” squashtail by JS—18 inches wide, 2 1/8 thick. I love this board—something about the rails near the tail. It’s the perfect board for head-high surf.