Quote Of The Day Courtesy Of John Robertson

This one comes from pro surfer John Robertson and …Lost Enterprises.

“I have to figure out how to drink and lose weight at the same time” – John Robertson

Since I couldn’t write it any better, here is John’s profile on www.lostenterprises.com:

John Robertson

First Lost team rider to ever be fired. Johnny had a problem and he was out of control.

And now he’s more than out of control. After getting fired by Rusty, Johnny AKA “Tap Water” AKA “Drift Wood” AKA “Dirty D” AKA “Barnicle Boy” AKA “Ron Robertson” AKA “Dr. Creepy Fingers” AKA “Late Night Larry” AKA “Robio” AKA “Urban Legend” Robertson has switched it up. He went from hanging out at Lowers, going big with the boys and ripping the NSSSSSSSSSA’s to late nights at the Rib Trader with his gangster friend Vinny. Now, once again, he’s back on the team.

Still has more form than 90% of the guys out there. It’s more of a love hate relationship with Johnny and Lost. He’s been fired twice and rehired for the third time. He’s got quite the track record but swears the third time is the charm.

Lost would like to also mention that Robo hasn’t been thrown any big contracts, travel funds or salary. After he first got fired from Lost his Decline section was enough to show Rusty (his new sponsor) that he could actually surf. Couldn’t even get stickers from Lost when he was sponsored as a kid. So he stole a whole box and sold them at school. It set Lost back about a year.

Here’s John in an older Sabre Vision ad: