Radio Controlled Surfing Contest at Huntington

HUNTINGTON BEACH, CA (July 16, 2002) ? Surfing?s version of ?Battlebots? comes to Huntington Beach this Saturday, July 20, where the hottest remote-controlled surfers in the world will do battle in the waves of California?s self-proclaimed Surf City. This unique competition will be held at approx. 4:30 p.m. on Saturday afternoon in conjunction with the Havaianas Pro, the fourth stop on the Professional Surfing Tour of America?s (PSTA) 2002 season, featuring California?s best professional surfers.

Created by, these radio-controlled, plastic-skinned (ABS) surfers stand just a little under 2 feet tall, two feet long in length and six and half inches wide with the board. The surfers sport self-contained power: a 540 class electric motor, propeller and steerable fin. Both the men?s and women?s models come bolted to their boards and are specially balanced to return upright automatically. And they can catch up to three foot waves!

The Havaianas Pro in Huntington Beach is helping to pave the way for a strong U.S. pro surfing tour through exciting sports programming and exposure on the Outdoor Life Network. Topping the field for the Havaianas Pro will be former three-time world champion Tom Curren, last year?s PSTA champ Ryan Simmons, previous US champions Dino Andino, Jeff Hurley and Jeremy Somerville, along with Hawaiian Pipe Master Bruce Irons, and tour veterans Dean Randazzo, Chris Drummy, Jason Senn and Adam Virs. Official PSTA event product sponsors include the new Subaru Baja, Paul Mitchell Salon Haircare, Balance Bar, Havaianas, Amtrak’s Pacific Surfliner (1-800-USA-RAIL), Yakima Racks, and Outdoor Life Network. Industry sponsors include Surf One, Mountain High Resort, Sticky Bumps, Transworld Surf Magazine, Cut 4 Media, Sessions, Future Fins, Mandero Sports Products, Poor Boy, Peak Sunscreen, and Surf Quest Media.

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