RAEN And Insight Present Fix The Shadows

RAEN And Insight Present Fix The Shadows

A darkroom photographic experience and traveling exhibit by Warren Smith and Nick LaVecchia with Craig Anderson, Dustin Miller, Dion Agius, Brian Nevins and Cole Barash presented by RAEN, Insight and sponsored by Monster Children.

The event kicked off to an excited crowd in an old maritime loft space along the waterfront of Portland, Maine.

The opening night, held on December 21, was met with raging winds and rough seas from a strong Nor'easter, which only added to the aesthetic of a show embracing the wild coast of Maine and the travels of surfer and photographer, Warren Smith.

"There was a god damn hurricane outside, it was 25 degrees and raining like hell, the walls were literally leaking and we were staring at 30 framed photos on the floor with no real idea of how to hang them. I think my hair line receded half an inch that day," Warren says.

"Luckily, Nick and Jim [from Fin Studio] are of the handy sort and they figured it out while I hung the loose prints on a clothes line with ninny little clothes pins like a girl. But it all came good, a ton of the local surf and art community came through. We sold plenty of prints and everything going to charity just made the whole experience that much more meaningful."

All proceeds of the Portland, Maine show are to be donated to Sandy Relief through wavesforwater.org to assist in the recovery of the much affected areas of the East Coast hit by the super storm this past October.