Raoni Monteiro Signs With Electric

ELECTRIC is proud to announce the signing of our newest team member, WCT competitor Raoni Montiero.

At 23 years old, this Rio de Janeiro native is hungry for some wins! Raoni gathered heaps of experience last year on the WCT, breaking for a time out for the birth of his first baby girl Vitoria.

An overall 5th finish on the WQS tour put him back in the show, and we look for a great finish on the 2006 WCT. Raoni was a past World Junior Champion, with recent success on the WQS tour. His competitive results have shown a steady increase for the past seven years! Known as one of the nicest guys you’ll ever meet, ELECTRIC is proud to have Raoni representing in South America and around the globe!!

Check out the official website www.raonimonteiro.com.br

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