Rat Chat


The other day Ryan Carlson dropped me off at the Vans Pier Classic, and right out of the car who do I run into? None other than the one and only, Jason “Ratboy” Collins. That’s a pretty progressive exchange. I get out of the car of one the most crazy, outside-of-the-box, aerial surfers around, and run right into another one. Here’s a quick interview with the Rat.

What have you been up to lately?

Just surfing a lot. It has been like two months of perfect surf at home, and the waves are good down here too, so I’m getting a lot of time in the water.

Anything coming up?

I’m doing a project with Josh Pomer. We’re doing a documentary on the West Side of Santa Cruz. Besides that I got some comps and I’ll be back down for the VQS thing in May.

You won it last year.

Yeah, I was stoked.

So you coming back down to defend your crown?

It’s pretty hard to win back to back, but you never know.

What is it like fifteen grand?

Yeah, you just got to get lucky.

Good pay day, yeah?

Fuck Yeah.

How’s your surfing? Are you working on any crazy progressive shit?

Just trying to get more air, and keep up with the kids, they’re fucking gnarly. I come to these contests and kids are just blowing fucking airs everywhere and ripping. It’s pretty inspiring watching the groms surf.